Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some More Personas

Name: Brenda McArthur

Age: 46

Internet experience: E-mail, calendar, checking websites

Occupation: Stay at home mom, Volunteer

Location: Portage, Michigan

Favorite Website: yahoo.com

Quote: “If I can’t figure it out, I call my son—he hates that.”

Brenda is a mother of four children, all but one of who have left her home to go on to bigger and better things. While her earlier years were spent running between soccer practice and ballet recitals, Brenda now takes advantage of all her free time and devotes it to herself. Two years ago a friend of hers gave her a healthy living book which inspired her to take up yoga, and live a more health conscience life style. She is still looking for the right place to buy her organic granola and produce because her biggest frustration is the outrageous prices of her new health food diet. She volunteers every weekend at the Nols Senior Center teaching a water aerobics class.

Name: Patricia Collins

Age: 84

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Internet experience: Limited

Internet uses: E-mail

Favorite Website: AOL

Occupation: Retired

Quote: “Show me what I want, when I want it!”

Don’t let her appearance fool you-- Pat is a fierce woman! This former Miss Tennessee winner has retired back to her home town in Michigan with her husband, William. She knows what she likes, and gets what she wants! She attributes her energy to her excellent diet and exercise. Pat has 8 grandchildren who live within an hour of her and she loves getting visits from them. She is the Chairwoman of the Oak Hills country Club Woman’s Group and has no problem speaking her mind. Three words often used to describe this woman are Firecracker, delegator, and sociable. She is famous for her yearly silent auction that benefits the Michigan Park Service where she auctions only local and organic products. Pat gets extremely frustrated and gives up quickly while on the Internet. Because of this, she tends to stay off of it as much as she can.

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