Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Requirements, Persona and Content

So the next thing due is Requirements, Persona and Content

Brand Requirements:
logos, colors, fonts, tone (fun vs strict, elegant vs silly), attitude, strategy, look and feel
Functional Requirements:
The specs--page layout, how many pages, browsers you're designing for, articulate clearly what The mission/goal of the site is, easily managed

Telling a story of someone who would be using your site
A representation of a real person who we're designing for--providing information to remind us of our audience
Find them by talking to the client about their customers- then talk to others who might fall into that category

All content for the page--mission statements, products, contact info-ALL THE INFO possible

We also need to come up with a list of questions to send Barb and Tammy about the website. Let's comment some ideas and come up with a list and send them all together. Going off the site charter seems like the best way to do this. Let's set a deadline to send that question list out by thursday class time to give them time to respond? We also need to collect the content (articles, info, product list, etc) It might be helpful to set up a phone interview to make things a bit quicker..thoughts?

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  1. Here's the info about collecting data for the persona:

    1. Survey
    2. Interview
    3. Contextual Interview
    4. Usability tests
    5. Focus groups

    Good questions to ask:
    1. What's your internet experience?
    2. Would you use ...
    3. How would you...
    4. Pet peeves about websites
    5. Favorite features (what do you like?)
    6. Frequency of using the product


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