Friday, November 20, 2009

Comments/Summaries and Notes from Usability Testing

  • People try to click on the product items to purchase them. We need to make it clear that they are not currently selling them online, maybe on the homepage.
  • People expect there to be an email address for each location that Barb and Tammy sell their products at. Another suggestion was showing each store's logo.
  • Links to the stores website should look like a link, probably something similar to this or this Texas Township Farmer's Market
  • Possibly making News and Events be more distinct.
  • Place contact information on the homepage so it is easy to find.
  • People were drawn to the photo and base what they think the site is about on that rather than reading the paragraph. Maybe have a slideshow of images or multiple images...I'm leaning towards a slideshow (like the one we have on this blog).
  • Paragraph needs a title, such as "Who we are," "What we do," "A little about Barb and Tammy," etc.
  • People go to Find Us before The Gals when looking for contact information. We need to either change names of tabs to something else, have this information available on the homepage, or place it on both pages.
  • Someone thought the background/foreground felt weird and were unsure about it.
  • People were not sure what it is that Barb and Tammy do...Is it a store? Is it a company?, etc. I think this can be fixed by adding a title to the introduction paragraph on the homepage.
  • Someone suggested having a list of what products each store has available, I think this is a good idea because we actually do not know if they sell all of their products at each location, this would be a good question for Barb and Tammy.
  • Some people were not sure what the logo was...most said tree branch or plant/organic looking. One person said astrology.
  • One suggestion was that they would like to see more green on the site.
  • Split food products and garden products up (each have their own page). I agree with this because they do seem separated now and you have to scroll down to see the garden products, which do not have a title or anything.
  • Change the exclamation point on the food products page, it reminded someone of danger and they said..."Arsenic cookies."
  • The tab "The Gals" may be inappropriate at first glance if someone does not know what the website's purpose is.
  • One suggestion for the find us page was to put the location addresses and contact info above the map because that was the more important information.

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